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Cohiba Talisman


The Cohiba Talisman is a very rich and complex cigar, with strong notes of tobacco and spice, with a slight sweetness and woody undertones. It’s full-bodied and balanced on the palate, with a rich and dense smoke, making it a very premium cigar.

The cigar has notes of toasty bread and toasted nuts on the front, and a strong coffee and cocoa finish with hints of pepper and wood. The taste of the whole cigar is very complex. As the tobacco burns, the taste will gradually change and deepen, showing a rich layering and mouthfeel.

The Cohiba Talisman is a relatively large cigar and it takes time to smoke it, savoring it slowly and appreciating its flavors and flavors. This cigar is for experienced cigar aficionados who can appreciate its rich and complex flavor profile.

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The Cohiba Talisman is a Cuban cigar that is part of the Cohiba brand. Released in 2017, this cigar is one of a commemorative cigar released to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Cohiba brand.

The Cohiba brand was originally designed for use by high-ranking Cuban government officials, and it was not sold outside until 1982. The Cohiba Talisman is part of the Cohiba brand and is part of the Behike collection, one of the most exclusive collections of the Cohiba brand.

The Cohiba Talisman measures 6 inches (approximately 152 mm) in length and measures 54 in diameter, making it a relatively large cigar. Its tobacco comes from Cuba’s renowned Pinar del Rio region and is handcrafted by the finest Cohiba brand makers. The flavors and mouthfeel of this cigar are very rich and complex, with strong tobacco and spice notes.

The Cohiba Talisman is a limited production cigar, so it’s hard to find.


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